Peace and Tranquility Right Outside Your Door.

AJR Property Services conservatories are designed to add a new level of luxury to your home. Whether you desire an airy office area, somewhere for the kids to play or simply a sanctuary of relaxation for you to curl up and enjoy outdoor views, we can help to plan and build the conservatory that is perfect for you.

At AJR Property Services we offer an array of designs and colours to complement the style of your home so that your Elitis conservatory is in complete coherency with its look and feel.


Whether your home has a contemporary or traditional look or even characteristics of both, we can build a conservatory to harmonise. When it comes to structural design you can rest assured knowing that our conservatories are completed with the Ultraframe roof system – the UK’s leading and most widely recognised conservatory roof system.


We also build our conservatory roofs according to BBA construction standards, so on top of the aesthetic appeal of a luxurious Elitis conservatory you will also have the peace of mind of knowing that it will have value and usability for many, many years.

Structured & Stylish 

Seasonal Luxury

A warm, luxurious conservatory during winter is as relaxing as a cool, airy conservatory in the summer. It is important therefore to get the temperature performance of your conservatory right in order to get the most out of your investment. A badly-planned conservatory can create temperature issues often becoming unpleasant and uncomfortable to inhabit. Using the latest technologies such as thermally-reflective glass and manual/electric ventilation we will advise the best option for you so that your conservatory is a haven of comfort all year round whatever the season. 


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